Industrial Vertical Market EGL Solutions

We offer EGL Solutions for a wide variety of Industries such as Health Care, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Logistics.

Professional Services

We use our consulting expertise to make your business more efficicent and cost effective. We offer services such as Application Modernization and Enterprise Resource Planning.

EGL Training

We are able to offer training to your department personell interested in using EGL and also how to use your EGL based software effectively.

EGL Training

In the rapidly changing world of technology, EGL stands at the forefront of custom web based development software. Here are some of the advantages of learnign to utilize EGL:

  • Create Web 2.0 Applications and Web Services
  • Allows optimal (native) deployment to any platform (new and traditional)
  • Is built with "extensibility" in mind.
  • Immediately useable by developers of any background.
  • Hides technical complexity.
  • Supports emerging standards and technologies.
  • Ensures easy inter-operability.
  • Delievers productivity without compromising flexibilty.
  • Enables agile, iterative development.